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Cabinet Roller Towels

Mujaded Textiles manufactures Cabinet Roller Towels, fabric towels, in its own factories from the beginning till the very end i.e. is from processing to packing, every step is monitored by our team to ensure product quality. Our cotton cabinet roller towels are designed to be both soft and highly absorbent to provide a better sanitary replacement for paper towels and hand dryers in any work place.

We make these towels in two sizes to satisfy the needs of small and large organizations. Many businesses have switched to cabinet roller towels completely while others avail all three sanitary solutions to give the best hygiene options to their staff.

We have made our cabinet roller towels to match the softness of disposable hand towels to win employees’ approval and at the same time to help cut down budget costs. Businesses save around 40% by using Mujaded Textiles cabinet roller towels as compared to paper towels.

Your company also reduces its energy consumption by 50% though people inaccurately equate the energy spent on laundering cabinet roll towels to the energy consumed by hand dryers.

Mujaded Textiles Cabinet roll towels dispense adequate hygiene and help in conserving energy and reducing waste in the landfills that in return lowers your organization’s carbon foot print.

Traders, Wholesalers, and distributors buy/import cabinet roller towels from us at wholesale rates and supply it to brick and mortar companies, among many other businesses.


Product Description

Material 100% Cotton, 70/30 Cotton Polyester
Sample Available
Features Easy-to-clean, Designed for heavy use
Design Solid Blue/ Solid White/ Stripes
Customization Size, Design, Logo, Color, Pattern, Finishing, etc.


Size Specs

Narrow Width Wide Width
21 cm 27-28 cm


 Size Customization

Length is customized according to specific market demands.


Businesses involved in the hospitality industry such as casinos, hotels, and restaurants have to maintain their prestige and hence provide paper or cloth towels for their customers in the restrooms. Such businesses employ a large workforce and hence the supply chain management cuts down costs by providing MT cabinet roller towels to their employees for wiping and drying hands in an efficient way-environmentally and economically.