Mujaded Fabrics Speak Volumes

We are privileged to serve a wide range of markets with our unstitched fabric that is customized according to individual business needs. Mujaded Textiles makes different kinds of textile fabrics both for commercial and industrial purposes.

Our name resonates with both kinds of businesses; B2B-Manufacturers, importers, suppliers, traders, wholesalers etc. and B2C-Manufacturers such as fashion houses that design apparel, make home linen and other goods which are then sold in their outlets directly to their customers.

Our factories are up-to-date; each plant is equipped with high-tech textile machines to create excellent quality fabrics that are at par with the international standards. We also make use of our traditional looms as that’s part of our history and culture. You can visit our manufacturing plants and see how we manipulate materials and manufacture fabrics. We are headquartered in Karachi with our factories in Kasur, Pakistan. We have made an impact globally in a short duration because of our team of exceptionally hardworking professionals-scientists, engineers, designers, and technicians.

Mujaded Textiles makes it its job to provide learning and training facilities to its people as we owe our success to them.

Your business requires consistency and stability for expansion and that’s where we come in-we provide you with reliable textile solutions at economical rates without compromising on quality in any way. You can rest assured that, we obtain the highest grade of raw materials to create natural and synthetic yarns, such as cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester, etc. to manufacture our line of fabrics. Visit us to judge for yourself.